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Reviewing Sean Glennon's book: Tom Brady vs. the NFL

Mr. Glennon does a great job of putting an old debate in new light.

Jonathan Daniel

Sean Glennon wrote a book entitled Tom Brady vs. the NFL, writing about his belief that Brady is in fact the best quarterback to ever put on a helmet.

As sports fans, one of the many joys that we have is debating about the best players in the game, and where they rank among the pantheon of all-time greats. Glennon goes through the past with a fine-tooth comb, picking the best signal-callers from Sammy Baugh to Joe Montana and discussing why Brady has surpassed them all.

Whether or not you would agree with Glennon is another topic entirely, but the points he makes can't be disputed. Using a mixture of stats, quotes and factoids, Glennon does a wonderful job of weaving his points together.

The book is a very easy read thanks to the way it was formatted. Instead of big, bulky chapters, Glennon rarely spends more than five or six pages dissecting a legend's career when comparing it against Brady's.

Even if you are someone who prides himself on knowing the history of the NFL, this work will teach you new little-known stats about greats such as Sid Luckman and Bart Starr.

For instance, did you know that Luckman threw for 28 touchdown passes in 1943? In this age that would be impressive, let alone in a time where some teams barely threw that many times in a season.

Some arguments are easier for Glennon to make then others. While nobody would seriously contend that Brady and Jim Kelly are on the same level, it's tougher to convince a long-time fan that Johnny Unitas is below the level of New England's 3-time champion.

Regardless, Glennon has put forth a terrific book that makes for a terrific read. For a grizzled fan it can serve as though-provoking, while a younger kid new to the game can learn from it.

Tom Brady vs. the NFL comes highly recommended as a holiday gift for your favorite fan.