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Red Sox 'currently disinclined' to trade Jacoby Ellsbury

The Red Sox are not interested in trading Jacoby Ellsbury at this time.


The Boston Red Sox are not interested in trading outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury this offseason, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

Rosenthal states that the team is disinclined to part with the 29-year-old at this time because they believe his value is down after a disappointing season where he missed significant time while recovering from a subluxation in his right shoulder. When he was healthy, Ellsbury recorded a .271 batting average, .313 OBP, four homeruns and 14 steals in 74 games played.

The club believes that Ellsbury will be motivated to perform in 2013 as he will become a free agent following the season.

Ellsbury was selected by the Red Sox with the No. 23 overall selection in the 2005 MLB Draft and made his major league debut with the team in June of 2007. In 581 games played, he has registered a .297 career batting average in addition to 56 homeruns, 23 triples, 124 doubles and 261 RBI.