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Mitt Romney (jokingly) takes credit for Patriots, Red Sox championships

Are you a fan of the Patriots or Red Sox, and did you enjoy their success this past decade? Well, you better thank Mitt Romney.

Jerry Markland

If you're a fan of the New England Patriots or Boston Red Sox, and you enjoyed the team's success during this past decade, then you better than presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Romney, speaking in an interview on ESPN's Monday Night Football the night before Election Day, jokingly took credit for four of the five championships between the Pats and Sox during the time he was the governor of Massachusetts.

"And I take personal full responsibility for their two Super Bowl wins, as well as the Red Sox winning the World Series," Romney said, chuckling. "Hey, look, as a governor, you get blamed for everything that goes wrong. You might as well get the credit for what goes right." -

Romney was a Detroit sports fan when he was younger and lived in Michigan, but said after 40 years in Massachusetts, he's become a fan of the Patriots and Red Sox over his hometown Detroit Lions and Detroit Tigers.

Perhaps you've heard of this Romney fellow? After all, Tuesday is a pretty important day for him.

(NOTE: We do not endorse either candidate, but we do stress the importance of going out to vote Tuesday, November 6. Let your voice be heard!)