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David Ortiz thinks Bobby Valentine 'must have some mental issues'

David Ortiz has finally realized what most of us have already known: Bobby Valentine is off his rocker. Ortiz slammed Valentine after Bobby V called Big Papi out for quitting on the team last season.

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Rob Carr

David Ortiz is just realizing what most of us have known for quite some time: Bobby Valentine is off his rocker. Ortiz, speaking to reporters after returning to the Boston Red Sox -- the team he has been with for the last 10 seasons -- on a two year deal, spoke out against Valentine after saying that Ortiz quit on the team at the end of last season.

Valentine, speaking in an exclusive interview on Costas Tonight, said the following about Big Papi (via USA Today),"(Ortiz) realized that this trade meant that we're not going to run this race and we're not even going to finish the race properly and he decided not to play anymore. I think at that time it was all downhill from there."

Ortiz said that Valentine sent him a text message after making the remark, saying that the media was making a bigger issue out of his words than he wanted, but Papi wasn't buying it.

"After he went on national TV to say what he said, he sent me a text message trying to tell me that it was the media trying to change things. I did not respond to the message and I said to myself, this guy must have some mental issues or needs medicine or something? I said, I am dealing with someone crazy and I am not going to drive myself crazy, so it is better if I leave it alone." - USA Today

Ortiz was one of the Red Sox' best players in 2012 before going down with an Achillies' injury that forced him to miss most of the second half of the season.

Ortiz was one of Valentine's biggest defenders inside the clubhouse, so it caught many -- himself included -- off guard when Valentine seemingly went after him in front of a national audience.

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