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Mike Napoli reportedly top choice for Red Sox at 1st Base

Boston is looking to make some waves in the offseason, and Mike Napoli is on its radar.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

According to the Boston Herald, the Boston Red Sox are looking at Mike Napoli to play first base for them in the near future.

Napoli has been a catcher his whole career, spending most of his career with the Los Angeles Angels and Texas Rangers. Last year, Napoli was a power hitting backstop who didn't provide much in the way of on-base percentage or average. Napoli's line in 2012 read 24 home runs, 56 RBI, a .227 average and a .343 OBP.

Now, Boston is hoping to convince Napoli to make the move to first base. It may not be that difficult to do, considering Napoli is 31 and could save some wear on his knees.

The Red Sox's second option is Nick Swisher, who has been primarily playing right field in the Bronx. Swisher did fill in for Mark Teixeira, though, when he was dealing with leg injuries down the stretch.