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2012 bowl projections: ACC bowl picture still unclear with Championship game next

The ACC will send either five or six teams bowling, depending on whether or not Georgia Tech is allowed to play with a sub-.500 record, assuming they can't pull the upset in next week's ACC Championship game.

Mike Ehrmann

With the regular season finished, it's still not really clear how many ACC teams will appear in bowl games - or even whether the championship game-bound Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets will have a postseason after the game against Florida State.

With North Carolina ineligible and Miami self-imposing a bowl ban, there are only six ACC teams capable of finishing the season at .500 or above for eight slots. Georgia Tech is one of those eligible teams, but at 6-6, they'll need to either win next week or get a waiver from the NCAA to participate in a bowl game. Jason Kirk opted to assume a Yellow Jackets loss next week and left them out of the bowl picture in his Week 14 bowl projections, although he acknowledged that the team could still earn a slot.

Kirk projected five ACC teams to appear in bowls, with Florida State representing the team with an automatic BCS bid:

Orange (Miami) 1/1/2013 ACC 1 vs. At-large 3 Florida State Louisville

Chick-fil-A (Atlanta) 12/31/2012 ACC 2 vs. SEC 5 Clemson LSU
Russell Athletic (Orlando) 12/28/2012 Big East 2 vs. ACC 3 Rutgers Virginia Tech
Sun (El Paso) 12/31/2012 ACC 4 vs. Pac-12 4 USC N.C. State

Belk (Charlotte) 12/27/2012 Big East 3 vs. ACC 5 Cincinnati Duke