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Source: Boston College transfer Jordan Daniels 'always wanted to be home'

Jordan Daniels, a sophomore guard who decided to transfer from Boston College, just wanted to be home in his native California, according to a source.


CHESTNUT HILL - Jordan Daniels, the sophomore guard who will transfer from Boston College, decided to leave the school because of his anticipated decrease in minutes, but also become he missed home, according to a source.

"I think he's so far from home as it is, and I think he saw that his minutes might dwindle a little bit with the other guards coming in," the source said. "He always wanted to be home. It was hard for him being away. I think that was something that he decided he wanted to do. He didn't really want to be around here anymore."

Daniels is a Fontana, California native who played his freshman season with the Eagles. In an average of 24.6 minutes per game, Daniels averaged 6.4 points, 2.6 assists and shot 34.7 percent from the field. Daniels was expected to see fewer minutes with the arrival of freshman guards Olivier Hanlan and Joe Rahon.

"It was hard because he was so close to everyone on the team," the source added."

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