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VIDEO: Rasheed Wallace harasses Doc's son, Austin Rivers, and possibly others

Rasheed Wallace is just a really strange individual.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

Rasheed Wallace is a, well, rare bird. (I know Doc Rivers used that term to describe Rajon Rondo after his 20-assist game in the Boston Celtics' last home game, but it applies to 'Sheed, too). Wallace was clearly upset about being whistled for a foul when Doc's son, New Orleans Hornets rookie guard Austin Rivers, blew by him, and he started to, um... harass Rivers.

Wallace could be heard yelling his famous catch phrase, "Ball don't lie," as well as some other things including "I can yell. I can yell all I wan't."

Yeah, it's kind of hard to explain. Just watch for yourself in the video below.

Never change, 'Sheed. Never change.