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FCS playoffs 2012 selection show: Preview and TV schedule

New Hampshire is the lone New England team in contention for a spot in the FCS postseason football tournament.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

While the top tier of college football is mired in BCS madness, schools in the Football Championship Division (FCS) await their playoff fate as the playoff brackets are unveiled during the FCS Selection Show, which will be televised at 1:30 p.m. ET Sunday on ESPNU.

The Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) is the second-highest division in college football, and the highest to determine its champion through a postseason tournament. The tournament will consist of 20 teams. Twelve teams will be given a bye and placed into a 16-team bracket, while eight teams must play a first-round game for the privilege of a place in the bracket opposite a top-four seed. Ten of the 20 teams are automatic qualifiers for having won their conference, while the other 10 will be selected as at-large candidates.

The top two teams in the country are widely believed to reside in the West, where North Dakota St. (10-1) and Montana St. (10-1) are projected to grab the top two seeds.

New Hampshire (8-3) is the lone New England team in contention for a playoff spot, and, which has successfully picked 70 of 72 selections since 2008, projects the Wildcats to get an at-large berth, with a first round bye and a road trip to Huntsville, Texas to face Sam Houston St.