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NBA standings 2012: Celtics fall to 4th place, Bucks and Wolves alone in 1st

The Celtics now lead only the Raptors in the Atlantic Division after Friday's loss, and som unexpected teams find themselves on top of their divisions around The Association.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

After their loss to the Philadelphia 76ers Friday night, the Boston Celtics fell to fourth place in the Atlantic Division, behind the first-place New York Knicks, who moved to 4-0 with a win over the Mavericks, the second-place Sixers (3-2) and third-place Brooklyn Nets (2-2), who obliterated the Magic Friday night to move ahead of the Celtics.

Elsewhere in the Eastern Conference, the Milwaukee Bucks are your first-place team in the Central Division at 3-1 after beating the Wizards Friday. They passed the 3-2 Chicago Bulls, which are the only other team with a winning record in the Central. The Pacers are struggling without Danny Granger, and are now at 2-4.

In the Southeast Division, the Miami Heat are unsurprisingly your leader, now at 5-1. In other unsurprising-division-leader news, the San Antonion Spurs are also at 5-1 and lead the Southwest Division, pacing the 4-1 Memphis Grizzlies and 4-2 Dallas Mavericks.

The Minnesota Timberwolves, after narrowly defeating the Pacers Friday, are 4-1 and leading the Northwest Division, despite not having played a game with Kevin Love or Ricky Rubio. The Oklahoma City Thunder are 4-2 in the post-James Harden era.

In the Pacific Division, the Los Angeles Clippers are in first place at 4-2, the Golden State Warriors are at 3-3 and the Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings are tied for the worst record in the West, both at 2-4.