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VIDEO: Kevin Garnett ignores Ray Allen during Celtics-Heat season opener

No hard feelings? Not exactly. Kevin Garnett, who famously said that he "no longer has Ray Allen's number" after the NBA's three-point king left the Boston Celtics, where he played for five seasons and won a championship, and joined the Miami Heat for less money.

Allen, playing his first game as a member of the Heat, checked in for the first time with 2:45 left in the first quarter and made his way over to the Celtics bench to greet his former friends. Unfortunately for him, Garnett was not so welcoming, completely ignoring Allen's greeting (seen here).

Garnett's unfriendly gesture should not come as a surprise, as he was clearly hurt by Allen's decision to leave. Allen wasted no time making his presence felt, however, burying the first shot he took against his former team -- fittingly, a three-pointer. Miami led Boston, 31-25, after one quarter on opening night.

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