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NFL trade deadline moved to Thursday due to Hurricane Sandy

With the NFL's New York City offices closed through Tuesday, the league has elected to postpone the trade deadline until Thursday. This is the second time the deadline has been postponed.

Doug Pensinger

The effects of Hurricane Sandy have been far-reaching around the New York City, and one unlikely place they've hit is the NFL, and the league's trade deadline.

That's right, with NFL offices closed through Tuesday because of the storm, the NFL has taken the unusual step of postponing its trade deadline two days and moving it to 4 p.m. ET Thursday. All 32 league teams were notified of the decision on late Monday.

The ironic thing is that this isn't the first time the deadline has been postponed within the last few months. In hopes of sparking interest in more trades, the NFL had already pushed back the deadline from its original date following Week 6, to after Week 8, which this year fell on Oct. 30.

The NFL's league offices are located on Park Avenue in New York City but will remain closed through the end of the day Tuesday because of Hurricane Sandy.