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Vince Wilfork injury: Patriots' DT sidelined with illness

One day before their Week 8 London matchup against the Rams, the Patriots added defensive tackle Vince Wilfork to their injury report. The veteran Wilfork has apparently come down with an illness, and he was listed on the team's official injury report on Saturday as probable for the game against St. Louis. The Pats are a long way from home, and Wilfork becoming ill overseas is less than an ideal situation.

St. Louis has an average rushing attack, racking up 106.1 yards per game this season. They scored their first rushing touchdown of the season last week, but they've still come to rely on veteran Steven Jackson in recent weeks with their passing game struggling. Having Wilfork at less than 100 percent could have a significant impact on he Pats ability to stop the run, but also apply pressure in the face of Sam Bradford, who's looking to jumpstart his season against a vulnerable Pats secondary.

Wilfork becomes the 20th man listed on this week's injury report, with seven already ruled out for the game abroad. Aaron Hernandez did not make the trip across the pond and is among the seven ruled out.