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Doc Rivers: Celtics haven't had 'true backup point guard' in years

BOSTON - Rajon Rondo has been the heart and soul of the Boston Celtics' offense for several years now, and it has reached the point where veterans like Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett have said that this is "Rondo's team." Beyond Rondo, however, the Celtics have a bit of a point guard problem, and that's nothing new.

"We haven't really had like a true backup point [guard] over the last four or five years," said Celtics head coach Doc Rivers. "We've had some guys in and out. Even Nate [Robinson] is not a pure point -- he has pure point size, he's just not a pure point."

Aside from Rondo, this year's version of the Celtics roster doesn't carry any other pure point guards. Avery Bradley (out until December/January recovering from shoulder surgery) and Jason Terry are the closest things to pure points that Boston has, but even they are used primarily for other purposes (Terry for his offense, Bradley for his defense and some offense). Other players that the Celtics could use to possible run the offense are the newly signed Leandro Barbosa and even Paul Pierce, who has earned the term point forward throughout his career in Boston.

Some might see this as a problem, but Rivers is not one of those people.

"I like it," Rivers said. "Instead of force and try to find a guy that's [a] point guard, just find two guys that can dribble."

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