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Boston College vs. Georgia Tech 2012: Eagles fans react

The Boston College Eagles were completely outplayed and outmatched on Saturday in a 37-17 loss to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in Atlanta.

Among other shortcomings, BC struggled in establishing a rushing offense, earning just 2.0 yards per carry on the afternoon. They also had significant difficulty in stopping Georgia Tech on third downs. At one point, the Yellow Jackets converted seven straight third-down situations, three of which were for touchdowns.

If the Eagles fans at BC Interruption, SB Nation's Boston College community, had their say, this would be the final season for head coach Frank Spaziani. They feel that yesterday's loss is simply more evidence of the need for a regime change at BC.

That said, there is no defense left for coach Frank Spaziani. ... Let the rebuilding process begin now. Don't wait. The longer this drags on, the more fans this program will lose.

With just one win on the year thus far -- a 34-3 drubbing of FCS foe Maine during the second week of the season -- it's difficult to argue against BC Interruption's diagnosis of the Eagles program at this point.

Next week, BC will host the Maryland Terrapins at 1:00 p.m. ET.