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UConn vs. Syracuse 2012: Huskies fans vent after 30-point loss to Orange

The Connecticut Huskies took it on the chin on Friday night, getting blown out at the Carrier Dome by Syracuse. The Orange reeled off 27 unanswered points to clinch a 40-10 win. It was a homecoming for former 'Cuse coach Paul Pasqualoni, who won four Big East titles with the Orange. But he looks to be a long ways away from the kind of conference glory in his current role, as the Huskies still search for their first Big East win this season.

After the ugly loss, The UConn Blog was understandably despondent, searching for answers with four games still left to play. Andrew Porter addressed the catastrophic night in upstate New York:

I come to bury UConn football, not to praise it. I have neither the energy nor the inclination to look for something positive after this game. Tonight's 40-10 loss to Syracuse was an absolute disaster from start to finish and it easily snatched the "Worst Loss in UConn HIstory" title from last week's Temple game.

But there's a still a month to play, can it get any worse? Porter wouldn't be surprised if the Huskies checked out for a program that appears to be going nowhere under Pasqualoni. He also wouldn't be surprised if things got even uglier in November:

I love UConn, and I will watch every game for the rest of the season out of what a bizarre and self-defeating sense of obligation, but it's hard to do it with any hope or passion. I've quit. I'm done. I might show up, but it'll be hard to care. And if that's how I'm going to feel, I have a hard time holding the players to a higher standard. I'm sure they've tried hard, but they're playing on a go-nowhere team for a program-killing coach. This season is done, and if they want to act like it at this point I won't blame them.

After a 30-point loss to a team that's under .500, it's hard for Huskies fans to be hopeful. And the voices at The UConn Blog certainly express that sentiment.

The Huskies will now have a bye week to lick their wounds. They travel to Tampa for a game against South Florida to start the month of November.