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Jobs are a privilege, and that's why BC's Frank Spaziani should be fired

Keeping your job is truly a privilege, and if you can't get the job done, you shouldn't have that job anymore. That's why BC should fire Frank Spaziani.

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Tom Everyman is in charge of his company's biggest division (and the one that has the potential to bring in the most revenue). It's a pretty sweet gig. He landed the job four years ago after his boss was caught looking at greener pastures.

Now, Tom is a nice guy. He is a very friendly person. Always nice to talk to.

Unfortunately for Tom, he's just not very good at his job. He's had over three years to grow his division and keep building revenue. Every year he's been on the job, however, revenue has decreased. It has reached there point where many of Tom's employees are calling for his termination or resignation.

Don't get me wrong, Tom loves the company and he wants it to do well, but no matter what he has done, he hasn't been able to build up that revenue. It's very clear now that Tom won't be able to change the direction of his division, and letting him stay would be an affirmation that he's doing an above average job.

That's why Frank Spaziani... er, Tom Everyman ... should be fired.

In case you haven't figured out, Frank Spaziani is Tom Everyman. The division he's in charge of is the football program, the most profitable division of Boston College's athletics department. As for the "revenue," that represents victories.

In summary, Spaziani isn't very good at his job. He's had years to implement his ideas and try to bump up that revenue (a.k.a. win more games). Sadly, each year has ended with fewer wins, and with this season already off to a terrible start -- the Eagles are 1-5 (0-3 ACC) -- it's clear that he's not the right guy for the job.

What happens when you can't get the job done? Well, you usually lose your job.

This has nothing to do with Spaziani's love of Boston College. I don't doubt that he is passionate about the school and wants his team to do well, but if what you're doing isn't getting the job done (and it isn't), it's time to move on. Nothing personal, Frank. You just aren't the right fit for this once proud program.

Furthermore, keeping your job is a privilegde. Especially in this economy. When your company allows you to remain under its employment, it is sending a message that you are doing a good job. Sorry, but 21 wins and 24 losses and two straight seasons without a bowl berth (I'm counting this year already -- it's not a stretch) after the school was bowl eligible 12 straight years isn't a good job.

What further proof do you need?

Again, this is not a personal assault on Spaziani. I happen to like the guy, he's nice. Being nice doesn't win you football games, however, and that's an important part of being a head football coach at a major institution like BC.

Some have argued that Boston College should wait until the end of the season to make its coaching personnel decisions, but I disagree. The argument is that, at an academics-before-athletics school like BC, that's not how things are done.

So, if you have that line of thinking, what you're saying is that someone who has done a bad job should be rewarded by getting to keep that (very) high paying job? If anything, that seems like it would be the opposite of how things should be done at BC. Ever to Excel is the motto. Spaziani isn't exactly living up to that.

It's an honor to be employed at this time in this country, and if you can't meet the requirements, that honor should be revoked. Sooner rather than later.

Gethin Coolbaugh is the Editor of SB Nation Boston. Twitter: @GethinCoolbaugh.