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Boston College vs. Florida State 2012: Eagles fans react

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Florida State made it look easy against Boston College yesterday, as the Seminoles beat the Eagles 51-7 in Doak Campbell Stadium.

SB Nation's Boston College community, BC Interruption, said that their team was embarrassed in yesterday's loss, describing their performance as "listless and uninspired" against the 'Noles. This performance by Boston College was further evidence to Eagles fans that the Frank Spaziani era at BC should be coming to its conclusion.

The [television] announcers correctly called Spaziani out for ... once again quitting on his players and the team. ... Not only has Spaz failed to recruit players on the defensive line; he seems set on leaving the program cupboard even more bare than he found it.

If there is a silver lining to this game, it's that Boston College's new Athletic Director Brad Bates was on hand to witness first hand just how far this football program has fallen. Perhaps he'll reconsider his stance on firing Spaz midseason after watching his uninspired BCS football program straight up embarrassed on national television. The season is already lost. How could a midseason change in leadership be any worse for these kids?

At 1-5 and winless in the ACC, it is tough to imagine any argument for the maintenance of the status quo in Chestnut Hill for Boston College fans.

Next week, Boston College travels to Atlanta to face Georgia Tech at 3:00 p.m. Eastern.