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Boston Sports TV Schedule, Oct. 13: Boston College visits Florida State; Celtics host Knicks

Boston College at Florida State, 5:30 ET (ESPN2): BC hopes to grab an unlikely win. The Eagles are already 0-2 against ACC opponents this year and have not won a game since Sept. 8. Florida State is favored by 28.

New York Knicks at Boston Celtics, 7:30 ET (CSN, WEEI- 93.7): The Celtics will make their preseason debut against the New York Knicks on Saturday night. The Knicks won their first preseason game on Thursday against the Wizards.

There's also plenty to watch that is going on outside of the Boston area.

Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees, 8 pm ET (TBS): Game 1 of the ALCS will feature Doug Fister for the Tigers and Andy Pettitte for the Yanks.

Other big college football matchups include:

No. 15 Texas at No. 13 Oklahoma (noon ET on ABC)

No. 17 Stanford at No. 7 Notre Dame (3:30 ET on NBC)

No. 3 South Carolina at No. 9 LSU (8 pm on ESPN)