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Patriots Offensive Coordinator: Josh McDaniels To Help Out During Playoffs But Just In Film Room, According To Report

The New England Patriots may have found a replacement for their departing Offensive Coordinator Bill O'Brien in former Patriots OC Josh McDaniels, but it seems that McDaniels powers will be limited to just the film room. Or at least that's what we're told to believe.

"... McDaniels will immediately begin working with the New England staff," wrote Shalise Manza-Young of the Boston Globe Sunday. "However, the league source believes that will mostly entail watching film. This season, St. Louis played the Steelers and Ravens, potential postseason opponents for the Patriots."

However, one has to think that McDaniels, who knows the Patriots offense pretty well (or it will not take him very long to catch up), will need to help a little bit more than just film watching, as O'Brien will be doing double duty -- he was officially announced as the next head coach Penn State University for football Saturday.

The Globe is also reporting that one McDaniels does take over next season, he will assume more responsibilty than just OC.

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