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Could Josh McDaniels Signing Help Patriots Land Brandon Lloyd?

In what would be an egregious case of the rich getting richer, Josh McDaniels' return to the New England Patriots could help the team land one of the league's best wide receivers in Brandon Lloyd.

A free-agent-to-be, Lloyd told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch last month that he would likely follow McDaniels wherever he went. The recipient of 2400 yards in the last two seasons, Lloyd attributes a great deal of his success to McDaniels and his willingness to use him in different receiving roles.

Of course, the Patriots are a unique situation. While most receivers would be thrilled to have Tom Brady throwing to them, the willingness of the Patriots to offer significant money to fill a role where there's not much need and the question of whether there will be enough passes to go around with players like Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski, and Aaron Hernandez on the team could make Lloyd think twice about following McDaniels. Still, to hear Lloyd tell it, all that might not matter:

"Probably No. 1 (as a factor)," Lloyd replied. "Because I want to be successful, and I want to earn whatever money I'm making. I want to be used in ways where I feel comfortable and I can be successful. And Josh knows how to do that."