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Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Speaks On Bill O'Brien's Departure

The Patriots have been a powerhouse football team and model organization for the past decade. They continued their success this season, winning 13 games and earning the number one seed in the AFC Playoffs. Over the years they have been a head coach factory, grooming coordinators and assistants who eventually leave for greener pastures and head coaching jobs. Add recent offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien, who recently accepted the job to be Penn State's head coach.

Patriots owner, Robert Kraft spoke out on O'Brien's pending departure:

"I'm sad to lose him. I told him that," Kraft said earlier this morning in a phone conversation with Karen Guregian. "We have a philosophy in our company, that if anyone has an opportunity and we can't match it - we did have the ability to deny him under our contract - but this is one of the great college coaching positions. they have their challenges right now.

O'Brien will continue to coach the Patriots during the Playoffs.

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