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Red Sox 0, Rays 3: The Misery Continues

I think the misery of Red Sox fans of late was very succinctly summarized by this Tim Britton tweet:

Jaso makes it three straight days a catcher hitting 8th belts a second-inning HR against the Sox.

Sox fans have been given the gift of watching, in order, Tim Wakefield, Andrew Miller, and John Lackey. Three pitchers who, as the tweet suggests, can make even the weakest hitter in a lineup look like MVP candidates.

Amazingly, Lackey was able to make it through one inning untouched, but as soon as the second started, he was in trouble. Ben Zobrist led off with a single to left field, and after two outs, Casey Kotchman drew a walk to bring John Jason to the plate. The tweet tells the rest of the story. Lackey missed terribly on a 3-1 pitch, and Jaso made him pay with a three-run shot. 

What's worse, Wade Davis is on fire, having allowed only one hit through the first two innings, and then having the one baserunner in Dustin Pedroia quickly erased by a caught stealing.

Once again, it could be a long night.