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Around The Hub: John Lackey, Um, Struggles In Series Finale Loss Vs. Rangers

Don't have a lot of time to catch up on all of today's Boston sports news? Around The Hub brings you the latest stories from all seven of our regional blogs covering the Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox, Revolution, Boston College and UConn.

Well That Sucked, Featuring John Lackey (Over The Monster) I could try to explain this link in depth, but sometimes less is more. John Lackey was bad, and the Red Sox offense was bad too. Rangers win, 11-4. Happy? I'm not.

New England Patriots Links 9/05/11 - Stats Show Meriweather's Decline (Pats Pulpit) Brandon Meriweather had been declining all throughout his Patriots' career, resulting in his outright release over the weekend.

Why Do Fans Say "Stern Hates The Celtics?" (CelticsBlog) It's a good question. A lot of Celtics fans feel like David Stern has it out for the NBA's greatest franchise. Jeff Clark at CelticsBlog investigates this notion.

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Required Game Week Reading: Central Florida (BC Interruption) For all intents and purposes, Saturday didn't happen for the Boston College Eagles. Northwestern who? What loss? Focusing on Central Florida now...

2011 UConn Football Video intro (The UConn Blog) UConn opened the season with a beatdown of Fordham. So how should we celebrate? Just check out the UConn football video intro, which The UConn Blog is a big fan of.

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