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Red Sox 4, Rangers 9, End 8: Consolation Runs!

It might not mean much in the face of an inevitable loss, but the Sox have at least come away with some consolation runs in the seventh and eighth innings.

Both innings saw some curious hits. In the seventh, Carl Crawford reached on a ball that barely left the plate, using his wheels to reach first safely. A ground rule double from Jarrod Saltalamacchia followed, setting up Marco Scutaro, who laced a 2-RBI single into right to finally put the Sox on the board.

The offense kept right-on rolling in the eighth, this time thanks to the heart of the order. Adrian Gonzalez walked, Kevin Youkilis doubled, and David Ortiz picked up of all things his second infield single of the game, scoring Gonzalez. From there, a sacrifice fly was enough to get Youkilis home.

The Sox have also seen some encouraging signs from the pen, with Michael Bowden and Matt Albers both showing at least some promise in their two scoreless innings. Sometimes you just have to take the small victories when you can.