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Red Sox 0, Rangers 2, Mid 3: Conor Jackson Shows His Worth

The Red Sox are in an early 2-0 hole against the Rangers, with Conor Jackson wasting a promising second inning that could have had them tied.

The damage for John Lackey has come on fly balls, and long fly balls at that. While he hasn’t been getting any big plays from his defense—the hits have been coming off the base of the Monster or at the wall in right, and at times have seemed catchable—at the same time the hard contact is all on him. He hasn’t missed a bat yet, and only survived the third with limited damage by catching a line drive hit right back at him and throwing to third to double up Ian Kinsler.

Meanwhile, the Red Sox had a chance to start something in the second inning, with David Ortiz and Kevin Youkilis each picking up hits to start the frame. But Conor Jackson, who hasn’t picked up a hit since August 12 and is still hitting sixth for some reason, grounded into a double play.

The trade continues to mystify.