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Manny Ramirez Formally Charged With Domestic Violence

Former Boston Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez was formally charged with domestic violence in Florida today.

The charges stem from an incident at the beginning of September where it was alleged that Ramirez struck his wife in the face causing her to hit her head on the headboard causing injury.  Ramirez has since denied the allegations and is scheduled to be arraigned on October 14th.

Ramirez, who was arrested on September 12th, retired from Major League Baseball at the beginning of this year following a second positive test for performance enhancing drugs.  He chose to retire rather than face a 100 game suspension that is required under baseballs steroid policy. 

Ramirez had considered continuing his career in his native Dominican Republic, but the league he was interested in playing in is affiliated with Major League Baseball, meaning that he would still be required to serve his suspension.  Ramirez had indicated he might be willing to serve the suspension in order to play in front of his home country.