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Red Sox 0, Rangers 3, Mid 3: More (Undeserved) Trouble For Erik Bedard

The Red Sox have fallen behind 3-0 after three innings, and once again, Erik Bedard has some complaints.

The wonderful Brooks Baseball provides us with this image showing the strike zone for Bedard:


That is, for the record, five strikes called balls, with zero pitches going the other way to make up for it.

Add to the fact that three of the four hits he has allowed came on the ground, and we have yet another shining example of a reasonably well-pitched game for Bedard producing unfortunate results. It's becoming uncanny, really.

Really, the biggest problem for Bedard (aside from the aforementioned issues) has been sequencing. Not in the order of his pitches, but just in the order events are occuring. The walks are coming at the start of the inning instead of the middle, allowing the baserunners to move up on outs and score should Bedard be anything other than perfect. 

Colby Lewis has been having the same sort of difficulty with the zone, but so far the Sox haven't taken advantage. Hopefully they change that soon.