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New England Patriots Roster Cuts 2011: Eric Moore, Tiquan Underwood Among Cuts

It’s cut down day for the New England Patriots.

News of cuts is trickling out of Gillette Stadium, with rookies and veterans alike being told there is not a place for them on the final 53 man roster. According to’s It is What It Is and reporter Christopher Price’s Twitter account, here is the list of reported cuts:

Ricky Brown, LB
Jonathan Compas, OL
Darryl Richard, DL
Carson Butler, TE
Buddy Farnham, WR
Mike Berry, OL
Richard Medlin, RB
Corey Woods, OL
Eric Moore, DE
Tiquan Underwood, WR
Alex Silvestro, DL
Markell Carter, DL
Aaron Lavarlas, DL
Landon Cohen, DL
Eric Kettani, RB

Out of these players, Andover native Farnham, Carter, Lavarlas, Kettani, Silvestro, are possibilities for the Patriots’ practice squad. In fact, Price reports that Navy product Kettani was cut with the distinct intention of moving him to the practice squad.