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Red Sox 2, Orioles 1, End 3: Red Sox Take Early Lead On Jacoby Ellsbury's Homer

It seems like there’s only one man playing for the Red Sox these days: Jacoby Ellsbury. So far, however, that’s been enough for the Boston Red Sox, who have a 2-1 lead through the first thee innings of Tuesday’s game.

First, however, the Sox found themselves behind as usual. A two-out walk by Erik Bedard would lead to a run in the first when Vladimir Guerrero followed it up with a line drive double to score the run. While he’d allow another double to lead off the second, Ryan Lavarnway caught Adam Jones trying to take third to help keep the Orioles from scoring again.

Zach Britton, meanwhile, had faced eight batters and recorded eight outs—albeit with one double play. That changed rather suddenly in the third. A two-out double from Marco Scutaro gave the Sox their second baserunner of the night, and up stepped Jacoby Ellsbury, ready to once again play the hero. A flat changeup provided him all the opportunity he needed. As the Orioles outfield stood and watched, Ellsbury’s fly ball left the park, and put the Sox on top.