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Red Sox 2, Orioles 1, Mid 4: Jed Lowrie's Solo Shot Has Sox Up Early

The Red Sox are ahead of the Orioles 2-1 after three-and-a-half innings Monday night.

The Sox’ offense has been on for most of the game, but once again have found themselves coming up empty in big spots. A bases loaded situation in the first resulted in no runs when Jed Lowrie flew out to left on the first pitch he saw from Tommy Hunter, and a run only managed to come across in the second inning thanks to a terrible relay to the infield on Jacoby Ellsbury’s glorified single to left. Attempting to get the ball into second base, Matt Angle airmailed one all the way to the first base line while Marco Scutaro scampered all the way home from first.

The Orioles would respond almost immediately when Josh Beckett missed on a cutter to Matt Wieters. The pitch stayed up, and the Orioles’ catcher took it deep to left to knot the score at 1-1.

That’s when Jed Lowrie came in. After an uneventful third, the Red Sox’ third baseman of the night stepped up to the plate against the right-handed Hunter in the fourth. One night after doubling and tripling against the right-handed Ivan Nova, Lowrie again flashed some uncharacteristic power from the left side of the plate. Clobbering a hanging breaking ball to right, Lowrie made up for his bases loaded failure with a solo-shot to break the 1-1 tie in favor of the Sox.