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Red Sox 0, Yankees 9, End 6: Scott Atchison Solid

The fact that that’s all there is to say about these last three innings sums things up pretty nicely. Scott Atchison threw 2.1 strong innings in relief of the dismal Jon Lester, and for all that the Red Sox are still down 9-0.

The extra New York run came in the bottom of the sixth as Jesus Montero led off with a solo shot off of Junichi Tazawa, who sat the next three batters down in order with a pair of strikeouts mixed in. He’s actually looked relatively good of late despite the terrible results that have come from his outings.

The Red Sox, meanwhile, have stranded a couple of baserunners in both the fifth and sixth innings. Given the current lead, though, it’s hard to imagine that will make much of a difference come the end of the ninth.