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Red Sox Vs. Yankees: Was Friday Rainout A Good Things For Sox?

Friday night's series opener between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees in the Bronx was postponed due to rain, and in the eyes of some fans and reporters, it was a good thing for Boston.

Think about it - an extra day to prepare for a series against your No. 1 rival while you are still fighting for a playoff spot. What's even better is that the Tampa Bay Rays lost, placing them 2.5 games behind Boston in the AL Wild Card race.

Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston chimed in on this thought, saying it may not be the worst occurance.

So the Sox, who already had been given a day's respite to regroup, had another night in midtown Manhattan to call their own as well, probably not the worst development for a team badly in need of a break from the suffocating angst of their 5-16 September. The off night turned even more festive with news that the Tampa Bay Rays had fallen at home to Toronto, 5-1, leaving them 2½ games behind with just six games to be played for Boston, five for the Rays. Any combination of four Sox wins and Rays losses, and the Sox will play in October. (via ESPN Boston)

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