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UConn Won't Commit To Big East

According to reports, during last nights not-so-secret meeting among the remaining Big East football schools, both UConn and Rutgers told conference commissioner John Marianatto that while they will remain in the Big East for now, they will both ultimately do what is best for their respective schools.

Reportedly during the meetings, all the other remaining football schools committed to trying to strengthen the Big East through new additions, possibly from Conference USA, such as East Carolina, Houston, and Central Florida.  Several of the service academies, including Navy have also been mentioned as potential candidates.

UConn has been one of the most active institutions over the past few weeks since the announced departure of Syracuse and Pittsburgh.  University President Susan Herbst has reportedly been lobbying very hard for an invite to the ACC where several of its former conference brethren are now competing.

The ACC has said that it is in no rush to add more schools and will wait to make a decision on future expansions.