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Red Sox 1, Orioles 0, End 2: Sox Score First For Once

The Red Sox have scored first, for once, getting to Baltimore starter Rick VandenHurk in the first inning.

Really, the offensive attack for the Red Sox has been more effective than the score would suggest. Dustin Pedroia hit a one-out ground rule double to right field, and touched home when Adrian Gonzalez turned the very next pitch into a wall-ball double. The Sox would then proceed to load the bases, but Marco Scutaro’s fly ball died just short of the Monster, leaving them loaded.

The Sox would put another man on in Mike Aviles in the second, but a line out by Jacoby Ellsbury to second left him dead in the water and doubled up at first base.

Erik Bedard, meanwhile, has been strong through two, allowing just a pair of baserunners and flashing both his usual velocity and a hard-breaking curve. No sign, so far, of the Bedard who had so much trouble against Tampa when he made his return for Seattle.