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Red Sox 2, Rays 6, End 5: Sox Get Runs, Give Them Right Back

The Red Sox scored a pair of runs in the fourth inning to cut the Rays’ lead in half…and then immediately saw Tim Wakefield and MIke Aviles give them back in the fifth.

The fourth inning showed good promise right away, as David Price, back in the game after taking a line drive off of his chest in the third, seemed to lose control. A single to Dustin Pedroia and a walk to David Ortiz set up runners on first and second, and a 92-MPH fastball down the pipe to Darnell McDonald made it all-too-easy for the Red Sox’ right fielder. McDonald went to the opposite field with a double, and the Sox were on the board and down just two runs.

Unfortunately, the Sox didn’t cash in on any more opportunities, and then came the backbreaker that seems to have happened time-and-again all season long: the Sox gave the runs right back, and did so in truly ugly fashion. Desmond Jennings led off the frame with a single, stole second, moved to third on a wild pitch, and scored on a passed ball—all coming on consecutive pitches—to extend the Tampa Bay lead back up to three.

They weren’t done, either. With Wakefield being left out to dry, the Rays singled and walked to put two men on with two outs. Finally, Tim Wakefield seemed to have his third out on a Ben Zobrist ground ball, but Mike Aviles’ throw sailed well wide of the bag at first, and the Rays managed to completely recoup their losses.