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Red Sox 0, Rays 3, End 2: Another Day, Another Deficit For Sox

Stop me if you've heard this one before: the Sox are down early against the Tampa Bay Rays!

The Sox have had a change of pace so far, in that the runs didn't come until the second after Tim Wakefield managed a 1-2-3 first (after the Sox had allowed a pair of 2-run shots in the last two first innings). But what they gained in time, they lost in total runs. After a wild pitch let Casey Kotchman reach first after striking out, Johnny Damon hit a gapper to right field to put the Rays on the board. A one-out ground ball to center field made it 2-0, and with two outs a bloop single from Desmond Jennings gave the Rays a third.

The Sox have at least had some base runners so far, with Mike Aviles doubling in the first and a couple of walks putting men on in the second, but as per usual the lineup has come up empty in the clutch. With Price not being the sort to give up too many mistakes, the Sox can't afford to keep wasting their opportunities.