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Red Sox 2, Rays 4, End 5: Sox Score, But Rays Hold To Lead Halfway Through

The Red Sox scored some runs in the bottom of the third, but two-out trouble in the fifth has allowed the Rays to rebuild their lead some.

The scoring for Boston came courtesy of the same man who won Friday’s game: Mike Aviles. After Carl Crawford singled, Aviles hit a high drive which just barely missed the monster seats to bring Crawford home (despite an awkward play at the plate where Crawford didn’t slide), and then scored himself as the Sox played small ball with a sacrifice bunt and fly ball.

Since then, however, the difference in two-out hitting has allowed the Rays to gain a run back on Boston. While the Sox couldn’t come through with two on and one out in the fourth, the Rays managed to do so twice with one on and two out to score Brandon Guyer in the fifth.The Sox attempted to strike back in the bottom half of the frame, but a bizarre decision to try and take third with two outs left Jacoby Ellsbury dead in the water.