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Red Sox 0, Rays 3, Mid 3: So Far So Bad For Jon Lester

Once again the Red Sox were in need of a big game from Jon Lester against the Rays, and once again he’s come up empty.

The game started in the same disappointing way that Friday’s did: with two runs for the Rays. Lester offered up a leadoff walk to Desmond Jennings, and while he would manage to get the next two batters out, Ben Zobrist managed to cash in on the opportunity. A 1-1 cutter to the second baseman resulted in a long fly ball into the Monster seats, giving the Rays a 2-0 lead.

Jon Lester bounced back in the second, but faced trouble again in the third inning. Desmond Jennings once more proved the thorn in Boston’s side, as a one-out double and a ground ball put him on third base with one out. While Lester would manage to get Ben Zobrist to fly out, it came only after a wild pitch allowed Jennings to come in from third.