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Youkilis Won't Be At 100% Remainder Of Year

For the Boston Red Sox, the injuries have continued to pile up in the last few weeks.  With the Tampa Bay Rays closing in on them for the Wild Card, the team needs as many bodies as it can get on the field.  Sox infielder Kevin Youkilis has been among those that have been beat up recently, and as much as he's tried, he won't be able to play every day.


Manager Terry Francona ruled him out for at least tonight's game with the Rays and likely tomorrow as well thanks to a sports hernia and a case of bursitis in his hip.  Francona also alluded to the fact that these injuries simply need time and rest to heal.  With time not on their side any longer, Youkilis will likely not be 100% until after the season, and will be limited in how often he can play.


Jed Lowrie will also be a scratch tonight as he continues to recover from a shoulder injury. 


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