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Red Sox Vs. Rays: David Ortiz, Boston Simply 'Running Out Of Time'

David Ortiz knows the Boston Red Sox are in trouble. Big trouble. Big Papi was one of the first players to speak out regarding the Red Sox slump, saying earlier in the month that it was time for the team to panic.

In the month of September, the Red Sox are a mere 3-11 and lost their most recent game against the Tampa Bay Ray, 9=2, on Thursday night at Fenway Park. Ortiz and the Red Sox are now only three games up on the Rays in the AL Wild Card race and trail the New York Yankees, by four games in the AL East.

"I mean, you turn everything you've got right now," said the Red Sox designated hitter, who managed two of the Sox' six hits. "[Kevin] Youkilis is playing injured. I went out there today and I'm not 100 percent, yet. You saw [Adrian Gonzalez] yesterday, his leg tightened up on him. He went out there and played today. Those are the kind of things that you can't do more than that. You've just got to deal with it. You don't see nobody trying to shut it down. We know we've got to win some games. That's why you see myself and other trying to play, even through injuries. We know we're running out of time." (via WEEI)

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