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Red Sox 1, Rays 6, Mid 6: Playoffs?!

The Red Sox are on the fast track to their seventh loss in eight games.

Immediately after the broken bat cost Kyle Weiland and the Red Sox four runs in the third, they had a good chance to get it back in the bottom of the inning, loading the bases with one out. While Adrian Gonzalez managed to get one run in with a ground out, a smart call from Joe Maddon to walk David Ortiz paid off. Kevin Youkilis hit a weak ground ball to third, and Evan Longoria fired across the diamond to first to end the inning.

The Tampa Bay Rays, meanwhile, chased Kyle Weiland between a walk and an error in the top of the fourth, and while Trever Miller and Scott Atchison were able to hold down the fort through five, the recently solid Franklin Morales had no such luck. After picking an inherited baserunner off of first, Morales hit Johnny Damon with a pitch, and then left a fastball up to Casey Kotchman, who rocketed a line drive into the bullpen to make it a 6-1 lead.

Oh bury us now…