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Red Sox 10, Blue Jays 5, End 6: Red Sox Take Big Lead As Pedroia Goes Deep Again

The Red Sox have doubled-up the Blue Jays, as Dustin Pedroia's three-run shot capped a four-run sixth inning for Boston, building their lead up to 10-5.

The big inning started off when Carl Crawford doubled off the wall in left-center. While it doesn't quite make up for the home run Adam Loewen had robbed him of in the third, it was enough to get the Sox started. A sacrifice bunt from Marco Scutaro moved him to third, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia brought him in with a ground ball single to left field. Jacoby Ellsbury continued the rally with a line drive into right, and up came Dustin Pedroia.

Entering tonight's game, the Red Sox had received all of three hits from Dustin Pedroia in his last 34 at bats. Already with two hits in the game, the first pitch to Dustin Pedroia was supposed to be outside, came inside, and then quickly made its way out of the park as the second baseman picked up his second long ball of the night. It would be a disservice to the work of Jacoby Ellsbury to say that Pedroia was carrying this team tonight, but he's coming pretty close.