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Red Sox 3, Rays 4, End 5: Who Needs Starters Anyways?

The Red Sox are still behind the Rays by just one run, but they’ll have to leave the rest of the game up to their threadbare bullpen, as Kyle Weiland departed after just four innings of work.

if there’s something to be said for Weiland, it’s that he left on his best note. After three straight innings with one earned run, the young prospect recorded the only scoreless inning of his outing in the fourth, though he still allowed a pair of runners in the process.

This gave the Sox a chance to catch up in the fifth, and for once, it was one they took advantage of. With two outs and Dustin Pedroia at first (by way of fielder’s choice—the slump continues in force), Jeremy Hellickson delivered a 2-2 changeup to Adrian Gonzalez which stayed just high enough for a massive uppercut swing to make big contact. The ball sailed out to right-center in a hurry, landing in a fan’s glove for a game-tying two-run shot.

Unfortunately, the tie would not last long, and it came due to one of the few bullpen members who has been reliable for the Sox this season. With two outs in the inning, Alfredo Aceves delivered a 96-MPH fastball to Casey Kotchman, who caught up with the heater in a big way, launching a solo shot to right to quickly break the tie and return the advantage to the Rays.