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Red Sox 1, Rays 2, End 2: Big Rallies, Small Scores In Tampa Bay

The Red Sox and Rays have been trading one-run innings early on, but the Sox are lucky to be out of the first two with so little damage done as Kyle Weiland has already stranded three runners.

The first inning was the worse of the two for Weiland, who started off the game by loading the bases with zero outs on a pair of walks and a single. A ground ball would bring a run in, but Weiland managed to keep the ball out of play in Johnny Damon's at bat, and induced a fly ball from Matt Joyce to end the threat.

The Sox would manage to knot the score up at one in the top of the second thanks to a leadoff walk and hit from David Ortiz and Josh Reddick respectively, but Kyle Weiland once again found himself in trouble in the bottom half. A leadoff single may not have resulted in a run, but a one-out base hit let the runner get to third when Carl Crawford failed to hit the cutoff man on the throw in from the outfield, leaving the Rays up 2-1 after a ground out.