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New England Patriots Training Camp: Andre Carter, Albert Haynesworth Have (Bad) History

Andre Carter and Albert Haynesworth have history, and unfortunately for the New England Patriots, it's not pretty.

Carter and Haynesworth were teammates on the Washington Redskins last season, and when Haynesworth mentioned his displeasure with playing in a 3-4 defense, Carter stepped up to him.

Carter called him out on it. And did he ever. He said Haynesworth would have to "leave the BS at the door."

"Negativity around positive and optimistic people won't work," Carter said, referring to Haynesworth via "He will need to work hard and prove himself by showing that he's trustworthy and reliable in the scheme and as a teammate." (via Ian R. Rapoport/Boston Herald)

That wasn't all Carter had to say about Haynesworth, as he went on to express his disappointment.

"I haven't experienced a player prioritizing his position on the field over working with the game," Carter said last July. "It's disappointing because Albert could fit in this scheme. All we can say is we wish him the best and we will see what happens in a month. He made his statement that he didn't want to play in this scheme and we are not going to force him to play. He's a grown man. We have moved forward." (via Boston Herald)

It's not clear if Carter and Haynesworth have patched up their relationship, but Carter did say that Haynesworth has to put the team forth and prove that he's committed to the team and player.

Let's hope Belichick knows what he's doing. In Bill we trust, right?

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