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Red Sox 3, Yankees 2: Josh Reddick's Walk-Off Hit Clinches Season Series For Sox

The Red Sox downed the Yankees 3-2 Sunday night on Josh Reddick's walk-off hit in the tenth, clinching the season series against the Yankees in the process.

It was a typical 2011 Josh Beckett start for the first six innings. Beckett pitched exceptionally well, allowing just one run on a home run to Eduardo Nunez that's likely an out in most parks. But despite throwing six effective innings, Beckett left with a no-decision thanks to a number of missed chances by the Boston offense. A bases loaded, zero outs situation led to all of one run for the Sox when only Marco Scutaro could pull off a clutch hit in the bottom of the second, but even that was better than what happened in the sixth.

With Boone Logan in to begin the sixth, the Red Sox got off to a hot start as David Ortiz walked and Carl Crawford singled to put men at first and second with zero outs. Josh Reddick showed bunt on the first pitch, but after it missed for a ball, decided to swing the bat, leading to an easy fly out. Still, things seemed to be turning out fine for the Sox when Logan threw three straight balls to Jason Varitek until, inexplicably, the Captain took a hack at the fourth pitch and lifted a weak pop-up into foul territory. Marco Scutaro singled again to load the bases, but Jacoby Ellsbury popped out to end the threat.

One inning later, and Matt Albers saw Brett Gardner dig out a low slider and put the Sox in a 2-1 hole with a long homer. It seemed that the earlier might cost them the game.

But, with the greatest closer in the history of the game on the mound to start the ninth, the Red Sox fought back thanks to, again, Marco Scutaro, who cleaned out an inside pitch and knocked it off the wall for a leadoff double. A small-ball approach worked, and two sacrifices later, the tying run was in.

Despite a short ninth, the Yankees elected to go to Phil Hughes in the tenth after Daniel Bard cleaned up the Yankees in the top of the frame. He picked up the first out on a Kevin Youkilis fly ball to center, but David Ortiz laced a line drive into right field and up into the stands for a ground rule double. With Carl Crawford already having three hits in the game (and 9-for-his-last-10) and one out, Joe Girardi called for the intentional walk to set up the double play. But Josh Reddick wasn't about to give them the chance. The first pitch he threw to the young right fielder was a curveball that hung over the outside part of the plate. Reddick took what was offered, hitting a line drive to the opposite field, letting a pinch-running Darnell McDonald cross home plate with ease to give the Sox the winning run.