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Red Sox Vs. Yankees: Brett Gardner's Home Run Puts Yankees Up 2-1 After Sox Waste Golden Opportunity

Homers from Brett Gardner and Eduardo Nunez combined with another big wasted opportunity for Boston has left the Red Sox trailing 2-1 entering the bottom of the seventh.

While Nunez' Monster shot tied the game, the Sox can thank Josh Reddick that it didn't end up giving the Yankees the lead. With one out, Russell Martin knocked a base hit into right. With the ball rattling up against the side wall, Martin broke for second as Josh Reddick ran to get it back in. The young right fielder made a quick, strong, and accurate throw, catching Martin by a good foot to leave the bases empty. Two pitches later, and Martin's absence was felt all the more as Eduardo Nunez got just enough of a Josh Beckett cutter to clear the Monster in left, leaving the game tied.

The Sox had a golden opportunity to take a lead and even blow things open in the bottom of the Sixth as David Ortiz and Carl Crawford reached to start the inning. Josh Reddick made the first out on a fly ball, but with Boone Logan running up a 3-0 count on Jason Varitek, things seemed to be turning in Boston's favor.

But then Varitek swung 3-0, and with his bat speed being what it is, the result was a lazy pop-up in foul ground. Marco Scutaro managed to reach on an infield single, but for the second time tonight, Jacoby Ellsbury was unable to provide the big hit, popping out to left to end the threat.

Shortly thereafter, the Yankees made it all-too-clear how costly the missed opportunity was. Matt Albers made a solid pitch to Brett Gardner, but the Yankees' left fielder somehow managed to put a good swing on it, digging out a low slider and sending it well past the bullpens in right for a 2-1 Yankees lead.