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Red Sox Vs. Yankees: Sox Let Freddy Garcia Off The Hook, But Hold 1-0 Lead After Three

The Red Sox have a 1-0 lead after three innings against the New York Yankees, but could have had more if they didn't let Freddy Garcia off the hook in the second.

Both Beckett and Garcia were strong in the first, with only one baserunner allowed between them on a walk to Curtis Granderson with a number of close pitches. In the second, though, Beckett sat down the side in order, and Garcia most certainly did not. Kevin Youkilis drew a leadoff walk, and then advanced to second when David Ortiz beat the shift, singling past Mark Teixeira and into right field. Carl Crawford took advantage of his speed to reach first on a high chopper, and all-of-a-sudden the Sox had the bases loaded and zero outs.

Unfortunately, they could do little with it. Josh Reddick battled off three pitches with a count of 1-2, but ended up striking out on the fourth. Jason Varitek managed to put the ball in play, but Derek Jeter managed to take charge as three Yankee fielders nearly collided in short left, and there was no chance for Youkilis to make it home.

Up came Marco Scutaro. Garcia delivered three straight balls to the Boston shortstop, but managed to find the zone with Scutaro taking all the way on the fourth pitch. With the green light on the 3-1 count, Garcia delivered another strike, and Scutaro found the hole between first and second for a base hit that scored Youkilis from third. 

Still, with Jacoby Ellsbury's flair falling harmlessly into Brett Gardner's glove, the Sox left a good few runs unscored, and with six innings to go, hold only a one run lead against Freddy Garcia. They had to be hoping for more, even with Beckett on the mound.