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Red Sox Vs. Indians: Weak Hits Cost Erik Bedard, Josh Reddick Ties Game At 3-3

The Red Sox and Indians are tied at 3-3 after four innings.

Erik Bedard has given up seven hits and three runs in three innings, but so far it's been ground balls and pop flies that have done the damage against the Sox' newest acquisition.

The Red Sox greeted Bedard to the team with some early run support against Justin Masterson. Jacoby Ellsbury led off the first inning with a ground ball single, and then scored when Adrian Gonzalez planted one off of the monster for a double. David Ortiz' two-out single didn't seem like it would give Gonzalez enough time to score from second, but Gonzalez ran through the stop sign and Kosuke Fukudome had already decided against throwing home, lazily tossing the ball back to the infield. Carl Crawford nearly continued the inning, but Austin Kearns picked a hard-hit liner off his shoetops to cut it short.

Bedard ran into ground ball trouble in the top of the second. Seeing-eye singles went through both sides of the infield, and Josh Reddick's throw from right caught Carlos Santana between second and third--he likely would have been out otherwise. A third ground ball looked like an out, but both Gonzalez and Pedroia went for it, and Bedard failed to cover first, allowing a run to score. One ground out later, and it was all tied up at 2-2.

The Indians went ahead in the third as Justin Masterson settled into a groove, actually striking out four batters in the bottom of the second inning. Bedard seemed poised to escape a first-and-third with two outs situation, getting Santana to pop a curveball high into the air, but as Pedroia, Reddick, and Ellsbury all closed on it, the ball dropped in for an RBI single.

Masterson has continued to cruise after the first, picking up eight strikeouts in the process, but made one bad pitch to Josh Reddick, who sent the ball flying into the bullpens to tie the game at 3-3. Erik Bedard is headed back to the mound now with nearly 60 pitches on his arm, and five strikeouts to his name.